About JCare™

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Janus Systems recognizes the need for a new approach to computer consulting and support services. Traditionally, computer companies have charged by the hour for the specific type of work. But as computers and software have gotten more complex and challenging, these hourly charges can add up quickly.

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We have a better solution. Through our JCare™ Service Contracts, we charge you one low, flat rate per month, based on the service contract you purchase. Our approach is based in proper maintenance, taking care of your technology before problems come up. This maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your business running smoothly. And when you do need service and support, we’ll be right there.

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Through our JCare™ Service Contracts, we provide the amount and type of support you need for your business, whether large or small. Under all of our contracts, our fast, reliable technicians fix software and hardware failures and maintain your servers and network equipment. Our higher-level contracts cover additional services.

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The JANUS Guarantee

We are so confident that we solve problems, that we actually guarantee our work. Once a problem is fixed, if it returns, we'll fix it FREE!

Where We Deliver

Janus' principal office is in Branford, CT to be centrally located to its customer base

This allows us to service clients in the following areas and more:

  • New Haven County CT
  • Fairfield County CT
  • Westchester County NY
  • Middlesex County CT
  • Hartford County, CT
  • Nassau County NY